This inaugural report on the state of applied machine learning is based on the answers from over 1,700 respondents to a survey sent to the global machine learning community. Respondents spanned all industries and company sizes, and roles across data science, engineering, and product management.

The report provides a comprehensive overview of applied ML, and shares the challenges and opportunities in the space, along with common trends across a diverse set of ML initiatives. 

Download the full report for key findings, recommendations, and a deeper dive into the trends that will shape the future of applied ML. 


Some highlights: 

☑️  63.8% of respondents said their teams have at least one real-time ML model in production
☑️  60.1% declared applied ML as a top 3 company initiative
☑️  50.0% shared their organizations have at least 6 ML models in production
☑️  59.1% plan to have all 5 components of the full MLOps stack within 12 months

Download the Report