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Building a Real-Time Fraud Detection System at Signifyd

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Nathan Ackerman
SVP of Engineering, CISO


Kevin Stumpf

Signifyd, an e-commerce fraud detection platform, uses machine learning and huge amounts of data to make instantaneous decisions on whether transactions—such as returns, chargebacks, and customer account creation—are fraudulent. 

In this webinar, guest speaker, Nathan Ackerman, Senior VP of Engineering at Signifyd, and Kevin Stumpf, CTO and Co-founder of Tecton, dive into Signifyd’s fraud detection platform, including: 

☑️ The challenges Signifyd faces iterating on a system that needs to continuously adjust to new types of fraud, such fraudsters using LLMs to bypass gibberish detection 
☑️ How having more historical data and transactions Signifyd can use as reference improves their fraud detection capabilities—for instance, they use data from 600+ million global wallets to inform whether a transaction happening at any moment is legitimate or fraudulent
☑️ How feature freshness managed by Tecton allows the Signifyd team to focus on better understanding trends and disrupting fraud rings, and enable increasingly faster fraud response

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