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Rift: Tecton’s AI-optimized, Python-based, managed compute engine

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Build a real-time AI application with Python in minutes. It's never been easier and faster to infuse real-time AI decisioning into your applications.

Rift is Tecton’s proprietary Python-based compute engine that is optimized for AI data workflows. It is:

  • Python-based: Runs transformations at scale in batch, streaming, or real-time
  • Consistent: Processes data consistently online and offline from a single definition
  • Performance optimized: Millisecond fresh aggregations across millions of events with no complex infrastructure
  • Developer friendly: Develop, test and run locally, and productionize instantly
  • Standalone: Requires no underlying data platform or Spark. No infrastructure needed

Using Tecton with Rift, you can:

  • Build better features: Use Python to build features across batch, streaming, and real-time data
  • Iterate faster: Interactively develop features in a local environment and deploy that same code to production
  • Deploy instantly: Move to production with a simple 'tecton apply' command, without worrying about rewriting code, infrastructure management, or pipeline orchestration
  • Run with enterprise reliability and scale: Reliably power your AI models with real-time features at low latency and massive scale

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Interested in learning more about Rift? Check out our blog post, "Unlocking Real-Time AI for Everyone With Tecton.

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