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Virtual Lab

Real-Time AI at Your Fingertips Using Only Python

Join Tecton for this monthly virtual lab to learn how you can easily and quickly infuse your applications with real-time AI decisioning using nothing but Python. 

We will use Tecton's new AI-optimized compute engine Rift to build a real-time fraud detection model powered by a set of production-ready ML features that leverage streaming and real-time data signals. We will walk through how to:
  • Interactively develop and test ML features leveraging batch, streaming, and real-time data signals in a notebook environment using only Python
  • Easily productionize your ML features so they can be reliably served in real time at scale and low latency 
  • Leverage these ML features to run real-time inference and predict fraudulent transactions
  • Interchangeably use Python, SQL, or Spark when developing ML features
  • Use features for both real-time ML inference and for analytics use cases

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